Hall and Baum started in 1952 when two colleagues, Brian Baum and Malcolm Hall decided to go into business together after working as plumbers for Hansen Yuncken. From humble beginnings based out of a house in Parkside, the business moved to larger premises in Camden Park in 1956.

The decision was made to begin a business based on the back of a housing boom after the Second World War. The early business model was to provide plumbing services to new housing construction throughout the metropolitan region, but other plumbing services were soon introduced, including servicing regional areas and industrial clients.

Hall and Baum was built on three key foundations:

  1. Creating a relationship of trust with all clients
  2. Hard work
  3. Competitive pricing

The Hall and Baum business has continued to grow in a sustainable manner since 1952, and now employs over 40 staff including plumbers, electricians, apprentices and professional support staff.